Our Story

Formally known as Kellie's Catering, we have poured our hearts and souls into creating a new image that would accurately depict who we are and honor our beloved leader, Judy Bridges, who unexpectedly passed in October of 2020.

Judy's father was a cotton farmer and electrician who believed his children should be products of hard work.  Her mother was deemed homemaker of the year in 1966, Judy's success in the kitchen was inevitable!

As Judy got older, her passion for cooking and feeding the masses grew right along with her.  When Judy worked as an office assistant for the Army Corps of Engineers building the dam at Richard B. Russell Lake, Judy began preparing meals and hosting gatherings in the office for visiting dignitaries.  From there, Judy began receiving request for much larger gatherings, including a bank grand opening for 1,500 people.  Five short years later, Judy and her husband David invested into some equipment and began catering full time.

In 1981, Kellie's Catering was established, and named after Judy's oldest daughter.  Kellie's Catering became a family affair with Judy as the ringleader.  In 1987 Judy's youngest daughter, Kala was born.  At just two weeks old Kala debuted at her first catering event.  As Kala grew, so did her responsibilities within the business.  After Judy's unexpected and heartbreaking passing, Kala and her husband, Clay, have vowed to carry on Judy's legacy.  Judy believed planning, organization, plus good help are the essential ingredients to successful catering, and we will continue to carry on that legacy for her.

We are thrilled to unveil our refreshed industrious identity and would like to introduce to you, JuJu's Catering LLC.